Promote yo’self


Promote yo’self, you deserve it

A large amount of work goes into creating original songs that you enjoy and it would be a shame if all that time recording, writing, and mixing went unnoticed. It’s like playing an empty venue which is never an uplifting feeling. It falls upon you as an up and coming artist to be proactive and promote your bands or your own work. Luckily, we live in an age of social media where the bits of information you post can be designed to capture attention and stand out. A recent change to the rock-star job description is the addition of a social media presence and it’s important to engage audiences by intrigue and getting them interested. Playing live shows is a great way to become known locally but it can’t hurt to be known outside of your city, state, or even country.

Whats great about the platforms we have today such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, is the use of hashtags. By “hashtagging” posts related to your music, you open a door for people who are searching the topic of your hashtag to find your post. Many musicians pay for advertisements on websites. Facebook and Instagram have business account settings that are very useful for band promotion due to the range of paid sponsorship budgets and parameters. You can choose what you want to pay and where you want your ad featured in the platform’s algorithm. These are very useful for getting people who have never heard of your group, interested and participating in your posts.

In my last band project, we discovered and became accustomed to sponsored posts and we experimented often with accumulating an organic fan base out side of paid promotion. The way we did this involved imitation of click bait posts such as the videos with top and bottom captions stating things like “you won’t believe this” or “Watch this

promo vid AEOM

Promotion example from my last band O’MARA

you won’t regret it”. We would cut up our music videos and make short clips in that format. The band made a list of Facebook groups that are specific to metal fans to share the content in. Group posting is helpful because the feed is centered around a certain topic and it isn’t too hard go through posts or find videos. Before you rush off to do this, I will caution that it is best to be prepared for hate or criticism in the comments since not everyone appreciates click-bait content or they might not enjoy your music (not every one will it’s okay). It’s important to never lash out at negativity on a public forum. It just looks bad and send the message that your group can’t take criticism. Think of your band as a brand or company and manage your social accounts as such. A well placed funny, playful reply to comments goes a long way for creating an positive image for the fans. Between paid and organic promotions I personally think a combination of both makes for the best way to get known fast in this day and age.

If you’re interested in this concept of promoting music be sure to check out this article from New Artist Model to learn more ways to put your content out and grow your fan base.

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